Image Guidelines

The Pawtrait studio value each drawing created and we maintain our high quality through hand drawing each portrait. We've designed these image guidelines to ensure customer and pet satisfaction with the final product!

Check list:

  • Photo is well lit and taken in natural lighting.

  • No filter is applied to the photo

  • Taken with a good quality camera or smart phone

  • Your pet is facing the camera

  • The whole face and neck of your pet is visible. 

  • Your pet is eye level with the camera

  • The image quality is high and not blurry

  • The position of your pet is either sitting or standing straight

The Purfect Photo

(You do not need to edit the background of your image, we will remove this for you!)


This is a well lit photo, showing the whole face and the pet is facing the camera.

Great photo! For our Pawtraits we focus the detail on your pets face and neck, meaning this photo will be cropped in the final product but is still a great image for our artists to use.

Oh no, unfortunately this photo cannot be used. The position of the pet is not ideal for our Pawtraits.

Almost! Try holding your pets favorite toy or treat just above the camera to grab their attention and get eye contact.

Good examples below:

Some times we can make exceptions to the rules!

For example, animals such as horses and rabbits can use photos with a side profile for their pawtrait.

If you are unsure which photo you should use, contact us as ''.

Examples to avoid: